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Two Rivers Integrative Medicine provides comprehensive, high-quality medical care which focuses on the prevention and treatment of chronic disease.  Our physicians utilize the best aspects of both conventional and holistic medicine and are committed to focusing on the unique underlying causes of symptoms for each individual patient.

Our patients are the foundation of Two Rivers Integrative Medicine

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Holistic primary care, women’s health services, bio-identical hormone therapy, functional gastroenterology, and mental health services.   

High-quality treatments for chronic joint pain with injection therapies including Prolotherapy, Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP), and Perineural Therapy.

Our providers offer minimally invasive aesthetic solutions for healthy skin and hair including PRP skin and facial rejuvenation and hair restoration therapies.

Experts in functional and regenerative medicine

The Two River Integrative Approach To Addressing The Root Cause of Disease

Our medical clinic offers a wide spectrum of medical care that is focused on blending the best aspects of traditional and functional medicine in the treatment of chronic disease, women’s health, orthopedics, and aesthetic medicine.  Our physicians take the necessary time to collect a complete story from each patient and then will educate each patient as to why they believe symptoms have developed and how to best address the underlying causes of disease to achieve lasting wellness. 

In over a decade of practice, our doctors have worked with thousands of patients and learned common underlying causes of symptoms that are typically missed in conventional medical practices.  All too often, patients are given drugs to suppress symptoms which may help temporarily, but rarely addresses the reason the person developed the symptoms in the first place.

patients are the foundation of our care philosophy

What Sets Our Practice Apart?

At Two Rivers Integrative Medicine, we recognize that many people have been frustrated by a medical system that focuses on managing symptoms but fails to address the root cause of diseases. 

We strive to educate and guide our patients through the various treatment options available to help curate an individualized experience.

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Located in Roseburg Oregon, we are committed to providing a comprehensive and fulfilling patient experience.

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