General FAQs: Becoming A Patient

Our providers are credentialed with most major insurance companies. As coverage varies from plan to plan, we suggest you contact your insurance company to understand your benefits.

Medical coverage is policy specific. We always recommend that you call your insurance company to verify benefits for Naturopathic Services with the providers at Two Rivers. We work with following plans, but are not limited to these providers.

  • Regence / Blue Cross Blue Shield
  • Providence
  • Moda
  • Pacific Source

*Medicare, OHP, Tri-Care and Champ VA do not offer any benefits for Naturopathic services.

Your first step is to call the front desk at 541-671-2248, our staff will be happy to walk you through the process of becoming a new patient.

Once scheduled, you will receive an email with your new patient information and intake form. Please make sure to complete 48 hours before your visit so your physician has time to review ahead of time.

For individuals opting to pay out-of-pocket, we offer a 10% discount when insurance is not being billed.

  • New patient visits typically range from $240-$300 with cash pay discount applied.
  • Follow-up visits typically range from $100-$175 with cash pay discount applied.
  • Annual visits typically range from $175-$230 with cash discount applied.

Our strength is in chronic disease management so we direct broken bones and stitches to the urgent care, but the primary care task of managing chronic prescriptions, lab monitoring and annual physical exams is what we do best. Established patients can usually get in same day for acute illness such as colds/flu’s, UTI’s, bronchitis, etc.

Yes, we see children although we prefer for the child to maintain a relationship with a pediatrician and use us as part of a team approach to your child’s health.  We do not do well child exams or administer vaccines.

We do not administer vaccinations, we recommend consulting your child’s pediatrician for vaccinations.  If you are considering an alternative schedule for vaccinations we recommend the book The Vaccine-Friendly Plan by Paul Thomas, MD. 

We are not in-network with any Medicare Advantage or Supplement programs. If you are looking for a new program that may provide benefits in our office, you would need to find a plan that offers naturopathic benefits for out-of-network providers. We can not recommend any specific programs, as these details continue to change.