Autoimmune Conditions

A multi-faceted approach is necessary to reverse autoimmune disease. Our providers will help you discover the underlying cause(s) of your illness and create an individualized plan to improve inflammation and overall health.

There are many influences as to whether a person will develop autoimmune disease including genetics, gastrointestinal function, sleep quality, endocrine balance, stress, emotional well-being, and more. We have found often all of these (except for genetics) need to be addressed and improved to reverse the autoimmune process and resolve symptoms.

We will often start with identifying and removing dietary allergens from the patients diet and treating any functional gastrointestinal problems the patient may have. Improving gastrointestinal inflammation often has a significant impact on the autoimmune symptoms the patient is suffering from. Adequate sleep and reduction of stress are key to restoring a healthy endocrine balance and may be achieved in a number of different ways from nutritional supplements, prescriptions, and lifestyle practices.

Depending on the severity of the disease and response to holistic treatments, we will sometimes initiate low dose naltrexone to help reverse the autoimmune pathways and directly influence the patients symptoms.