Women’s Health & Hormones

Dr. Blackford can provide all women’s health care needs from annual pap smears, to IUD insertion and hormone balancing. She takes a holistic approach to women’s health care needs by focusing on the underlying cause of symptoms and striving for the least invasive treatment options necessary to achieve a desired outcome.

Hormone Balancing

For most of us the culture we live in is full of stress, overwork, and toxic exposures, which cause a variety of common symptoms originating within the endocrine system including chronic fatigue, anxiety, irritability, sleep disruption, menstrual irregularities and lots more. Often these symptoms go unaddressed and then become even worse when a woman arrives into her menopausal years.

The physicians at Two Rivers have extensive experience diagnosing and treating endocrine dysfunction, utilizing a variety of therapies including bioidentical and synthetic hormone prescriptions, adrenal and thyroid medications, and individualized lifestyle measures, which can resolve symptoms by restoring balance to the endocrine system.

We always use the lowest effective dose of hormones for the shortest period of time necessary to support the patients recovery and minimize potential side effects or adverse outcomes.